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Other magical service deliveries:

Most affordable responsive mobile friendly web design.

Most affordable web server hosting for web sites.

Free cloud storage of files, images, music and videos.

Expert training in improvement of management competencies for employees.

Expert training in improvement of leadership competencies for employees.

Expert training in improvement of team leadership competencies for employees.

Expert training in improvement of dynamic leadership qualities for any type of organisation and group of employees.

Expert improvement of employee productivity and change of organisation culture.

Expert Creation of workplace performance excellence for any type of organisation and its employees.

Improvement of creativity for the modern day era of leadership 4.

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Are you perhaps in need of real magic in your life? .. As an individual, business owner or a person in a position of authority?

I also do individual and group mentoring for solving problematic workplace situations!

Most adverse situations can normally be rectified with the wisdom inside one of the following scientifically developed methodology tools:

  • Strategic planning methodology.
  • Industrial psychology methodology.
  • Creative thinking methodology; and
  • Our self-propelled service delivery methodology.

Our self-propelled service delivery methodology:

This methodology is explained in a summarized version below. Click it to download the brochure in PDF.

The self-propelled performance management system.

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Explanatory description of a best system

It is a summary of “Performance management the right way”.

We use the following training e-guide when we are contracted to do in-house training for implementation of our unique performance management system:

 The self-propelled performance management system handbook

What we can say about the self-propelled performance management system handbook:

It explains how to use the correct system out of 2000 in use worldwide!
The new handbook for use in public sectors and private sectors worldwide!
A must have for Governments, Political Parties, the Corporate World and any other organisation, desperately seeking work performance excellence in their human capital assets!
It is all about how to inspire others to rapid work performance excellence, higher productivity and successful outcomes!
How to dynamically lead others to rapid work performance excellence.
Reduce unproductive meetings with 80%.
Achieve a 360 degree turnaround in positive attitudes.
Achieve a 360 degree turnaround in inspired motivation.
Achieve a 360 degree turnaround in successful task assignments.
Achieve a 360 degree turnaround in successful project outcomes.
Inspire a 360 degree turnaround in job goal achievements.
Achieve a 360 degree turnaround in self-initiative and problem-solving from the lowest level upward.
Achieve a 360 degree turnaround in workforce creative thinking abilities.

* Diagrammatic illustrations.
* Inspire turnaround positive work related attitudes by 360 degrees.
* Decrease unproductive meetings by 80%.
* Create rapid work performance excellence.
* Increase productivity to peak performance.
* Phenomenal increase in service delivery to clients and customers.
* Amazing increase in human capital productivity.
* Increase profitability on all financial asset investments.
* The system works for any type of organisation.
* Increase personal career success and destinies.
* The system is programmable into software metrics.
* Best system out of 2000 in use worldwide.

  • It also provides the fairest most acceptable and justifiable merit rating system.
  • It is unique and nowhere else available!
Table of contents for this handbook:

1. Preface

2. The 3 easy steps explained

2.1 Strategic planning
2.2 Conversion of strategies into performance areas
2.3 Conversion of performance areas into action plans

3. The strategic planning process

3.1 Guidelines
3.2 Present Situation
3.3 Internal Analysis
3.4 External Analysis
3.5 Finalising the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Analysis
3.6 Finalising Strategies and Forecasting
3.7 Roll down of strategies

4. Conversion of strategies into performance areas

4.1 Manifest of performance areas in relation to new strategies
4.2 Key performance areas
4.3 Critical performance areas
4.4 Specific performance areas
4.5 Performance indicators
4.6 Roll down of performance areas and indicators

5. Conversion of performance areas into action plans

5.1 Principles of short interval control through the ranks (sergeant stripes principle for magical mind control)
5.2 Merging performance areas and indicators with action plans
5.3 Self-control action plan reports (Performance matrix/balanced scorecard for magical mind control)
5.4 Utilisation and merging of existing infrastructures in the organisation
5.5 Reporting to Board of Directors
5.6 Feedback into the strategic planning process

6. Conclusion
7. About the author
8. Bibliography

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My magic wand is not too far away! Just a phone call away!

For those interested parties, who may wish to contact me for some of these services mentioned above:

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It comes with 6 Microsoft presentation slides and six MP 4 videos. A seventh video on “How to unlock slumbering creativity in others”, is also included.

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  • The system can first be tested on a smaller portion of an organisation, to verify it is working.
  • It also comes with a legal agreement and copyright limitations on quantity of employee delegates.
  • Copyrights symbol
  • The system can be implemented through own internal organisation resources or by myself, if it is in South Africa.
  • The first step is to have a mutual consultation discussion session with the designated organisation representative(s), preferably by email, Skype or similar method. The purpose with this discussion meeting is to clarify the organisation present situation and needs, to arrive at purposeful training and implementation tactics.
  • The second step is to provide the organisation with a recommended training and implementation program, as well as a legal agreement with cost specifications.
  • The third step is the selection of employees who must attend the training sessions and transplant the same training to subordinates reporting to them.
  • Step number four is the start of training and implementation.
  • Step five is the evaluation of the completed training and implementation progress.
“The need for performance management tools:

Performance management tools speed up the performance management process and help organizations deliver fair, periodic reviews. Performance management tools can offer the following seven benefits for your organization:

• Enable continuous performance management
• Offer 360-degree performance reviews
• Improve the frequency of feedback
• Ensure a fair performance appraisal process
• Make it easy to track employee performance
• Identify training requirements
• Automate performance review reporting

Statistics about modern performance management systems:

Most organizations are starting to move away from time-consuming manual performance management tools to modern performance management systems. Here are a few recent surveys that depict the importance and impact of automated performance management.

1. Deloitte’s Global HR Trends report shows that nearly 70% of organizations have started to reinvent their performance management process.
2. Modern performance management has progressed far beyond employee satisfaction, it focuses on employee engagement and motivation because, highly motivated employees are proved to be 125% more productive that those who are merely satisfied.
3. Since organizations have started losing £42 billion a year to work-related stress, modern performance management systems have made employee well-being an integral part of performance reviews.
4. Organizations that provide continuous feedback have 14.9% lower turnover than other businesses that offer annual appraisals.

Modern performance management systems provide more importance to learning and development opportunities to fulfill rising employee demands.”

Source: https://kissflow.com/hr-process/performance-management/

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Finance for all property types.

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