Three products in one imageTen year maintenance plans for sectional title management schemes in South Africa

  • We provide ten year maintenance plans for all types of community property complexes in South Africa.
  • We provide the full service within the borders of Gauteng, by doing the property site inspections ourselves, in collaboration with an appointed member. The price will normally depend on the size, age and preventative maintenance condition of the complex.
  • We also empower persons in all provinces to provide a full service, with our package of three mentoring products (the software, the training manual and the MS Excel training manual).
  • We use state of the art software, which we have developed for this purpose.
  • We also have self-training courses for complex members interested in providing this service.
  • We have already completed several ten year maintenance plan projects, including shopping malls and high rise multi-floor flats.
  • Please request a quote in an e-mail to us, mentioning the complex name, quantity of units and physical address location in Gauteng, South Africa.
  • Please download our Body Corporate prior task list in PDF by clicking here.

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We provide automated Excel ten year spreadsheet PC software for the whole South Africa.

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View some of the great features of the software by clicking the start button on this video slideshow below:

Become informed and qualified with this software and training manuals.

A Body Corporate, Home Owners Association or any other type of Property Community Management Scheme with a Constitution, no longer have to pay excessive prices, once they have this software. This software makes it dead easy to produce ten year maintenance plans from contractor quotations. Any owner of property inside such an Estate, can be canvassed to do the ten year maintenance plan for approval by the selected management members.

We provide streamlined ten year maintenance plans for Community Management Schemes like Sectional title schemes, Share block companies, Home or property owners associations, Housing schemes for retired persons, Housing co-operatives, Gated Villages with a Constitution, Social Co-operatives and even some shopping malls (in fact, all gate protected communities with a constitution).

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1. Service offer 1 – Inside Gauteng Province borders:

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2. Special service offer 2 – Outside and Inside Gauteng Province borders:

New business opportunities or business expansion opportunities.

Outside and inside the borders of Gauteng, we assist other persons and businesses, to render the same service of providing ten year maintenance plans to complexes. Our training package now also includes a list of technical mentoring guidelines, which is updated on a continuous basis.

We cannot service the whole market as it is just too huge!

Persons inside or outside Gauteng, who want to provide ten year maintenance plans to complexes, only have to buy the package of three products and will then be able to add the service to existing services or it can be a new business start-up.

Gated communities have mushroomed and is still the fastest growing building development type in South Africa, offering a huge market for providers of ten year maintenance plans, as prescribed by law. Each gated community with a constitution must file a ten year maintenance plan on a yearly basis.

This will provide new business opportunities to others or business expansion opportunities.

The three products in the package of three, are explained under points 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 below.

Licenses are limited with a formula, based on population and complex density per province and area, to sustain and protect ample profitability for each licensee. It is a question of first buyers, first served. So far, there are no restrictions, yet.

2.1 The ten year maintenance plan training manual as part of the package of three:

So, for those who are already adept and confident in using and inserting correct formulas in Excel spreadsheets, who are just looking for guidelines pertaining to the ten year maintenance plan, this offer below is the ideal one.

Get trained in how to compile ten year maintenance plans with our streamlined system. As I cannot do all the work in all the outstretched regions of the country, I am making the training guide for my streamlined system available to others, who may need it.

Ten year maintenance plan training guide e-cover

Reasons for compiling this training guide:

All the required forms and regulations can be downloaded from the Community Schemes Ombud Service web site: http://csos.org.za/. They do not, however, have any guidelines on how to draw up and submit a ten year maintenance plan, except for the rules pertaining to the level of the reserve fund budget.

Consequently, after intense research, I discovered an example published by The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of New Zealand, which I converted to the South African environment, by changing some of the linguistic terms. I found this to be a workable document, but a bit cumbersome, as all calculations must be done manually with a calculator.

I then combined the ideas and methods of the New Zealand example into a spread sheet calculation model by using a Microsoft Excel spread sheet computer program. Luckily I had ample experience with using the formulas inside spread sheet programs, as I previously had to develop several models for different purposes.

After receiving many enquiries and questions of how to do it and after compiling several ten year maintenance plans for different building complexes, I realised there is a need for guidelines.

From my previous lifetime experience in writing training manuals, I decided to come up once again with a training manual for compiling the ten year maintenance plan, which the Ombud Service require, but do not have any guidelines for.

The training manual has now become a handy guideline for building complex managements outside of Gauteng borders, as they are too far away to make use of my services in drawing up their plans.

Several manuals have been sold and I have already compiled several ten year plans for Body Corporate Managements, Home Owners Associations and Retirement Villages.

The biggest problem found so far, is that one cannot easily find a building construction expert, a spread sheet user expert and a financial statement expert, all rolled up into one single person. The solution for this dilemma is to assemble a team of knowledgeable persons for the task, if needed.

Table of contents for the Ten year maintenance plan training guide (40 pages):

  • Job skills requirements to become a provider of ten year maintenance plans
  • Information needed to compile a ten year maintenance plan.
  • Identification
  • Income statement information regarding owner common property levy contribution
  • Annual inspection results on structures to be renovated, equipment repairs & maintenance
  • Administrative Fund and Reserve Fund balances at latest year-end from financial statements
  • Personal contact details of persons responsible/accountable for the complex ten year maintenance plan (preferably more than one)
  • Complex Google maps coordinates or physical address
  • Latest audited financial statements included.
  • Describe what kind of agreement exists with unit owners, with regard to operational costs and maintenance costs.
  • Compiling a ten year maintenance plan manually, without using a spreadsheet program
  • Ten year maintenance plan example template without a spreadsheet program
  • Illustration of how to combine the Administration fund budget with the ten year Maintenance budget in a spreadsheet program.
  • Illustration of a Body Corporate 10 year maintenance plan (with MS Excel spreadsheets).
  • How to apply the rules of the law in the software program. See page 4 of the Act:
  • How to spread out maintenance cost to minimise levies. See rule 22 of the Act, page 37.
  • The purpose with the reserve fund.
  • Maintenance lifespan and costs for community complexes.
  • Building component and equipment lifespan/life cycle for ten year maintenance plans.
  • Illustration of how to report to the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS).
  • Exceptional cases of adding a savings plan to the ten year maintenance plan.
  • Here is an example of equal annual amounts at 0% interest revenue
  • Here is an example of required annual savings at 3% interest p.a.
  • The following assumptions are part and parcel of the sale of this guide
  • Get a free spreadsheet program and save thousands
  • Bonus: Where to get these eight training manuals for peanuts. Use them for internal training sessions of employees or to train yourself.
  • Summary notes:
  • Easy bookkeeping
  • Effect of adding cost items to the Administrative Fund budget
  • Effect of adding cost items to the ten year maintenance plan
  • Last step of reporting
  • The huge market potential for providers of ten year maintenance plans
  • List of technical mentoring guidelines.

The market size is made up of all Sectional titles development schemes, Share block companies, Home or property owners associations, Housing schemes for retired persons, Housing co-operatives, Gated villages with constitutions, Social Co-operatives and even some Shopping malls with shared ownership. Community Management Schemes is the fastest growing type of building development projects in the country.

It is clear that a combination of technical, mathematical, financial and a few other competencies will be needed. It is very seldom that one will find all the above skills and knowledge rolled up into one single person. However, one can contract knowledgeable persons in when needed. As time goes by experience and knowledge will also grow.

How to purchase the pack of three products:

Buy this pack of three products through the secure servers of PayPal for $150.00 with your credit/debit card by clicking the image below.

Buy through the secure servers of PayPal for $150.00 by clicking the buy button below:

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If prior approval for this transaction is needed, just send me an email requesting an invoice/quote and provide the details to whom it must be addressed, with the product name “Ten year maintenance plan pack of three”. Receive everything in your mail box within two respite days after receipt of payment.

The only alternative payment method is to request an invoice for a direct payment into our bank account, with +- 8% discount.

The purpose with the ten year maintenance plan reserve fund:

The main purpose with the ten year maintenance plan is to make timely decisions on when and how to increase or decrease the reserve fund.

The sole purpose with the reserve fund is to provide for all major capital like items, unforeseen and unexpected expenses, not budgeted for and not covered by levies, whether it is administrative or maintenance.

The reserve fund budget must be calculated on the Administrative Fund total budget only. It must also be used to pay for the major items in the ten year plan. Furthermore the ten year plan is not part of the Administrative Fund Budget.

Shortfalls in the Reserve Fund must be rectified with a savings plan, which is fully explained in our training e-guide.

The first due date for filing the plan with the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) was January 2017.

2.2 Automation software for the ten year maintenance plan, with ready-made built-in formulas as part of the package of three:

This is for persons who are not adept and confident in using Excel – Buy the Excel ten year spreadsheet PC software.

The software consists of 7 worksheets:

  1. “Intro” – Copyrights and starting instructions.
  2. “Basics” – Guidelines on how to use the software.
  3. “Input” – Where the user enters relevant data.
  4. “Output” – Protected spreadsheet with formatted, ready-made, built-in, automated formulas.
  5. “Backup” – Unprotected spreadsheet for the Output worksheet, with automated formulas.
  6. “Savings” – An automated investment savings plan, to wipe out any shortages in the reserve fund, linked to the automated ten year maintenance plan, for those who may need it.
  7. “Reserve fund rules” – How to calculate minimum amounts required by law.

Ten year excel software ebox

This is an ideal option for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, who only need some help with spreadsheet formulas.

An automated savings plan now also forms part and parcel of the automated PC Software. The addition of a savings plan for the Reserve Fund bank account, is a great help when there is a shortage of funds for the the ten year maintenance plan. It helps with decisions of what to do if the ten year maintenance plan requires more money than what is available.

It is a great help for how to manage the dilemma of reserve fund shortages, reserve fund shortfalls and reserve fund deficits. It helps in cases of reserve fund shortfalls, reserve fund shortages and reserve fund deficits.

We have devised an automated savings plan, inside the software, wherein the user can modify the monthly investment amount and see for how long it will take to wipe out any deficits at various interest rates.

This savings plan can assist managements in decision-making of the preferred regular investment amount, the preferred time period and the preferred interest bearing rate.

The amount decided on must then be added to the Administrative operating budget and added to calculation of levy contributions.

The savings plan growth returns on variable monthly capital investment amounts at various interest rates, can be viewed with one click, inside this Excel PC software model displayed here above.

2.3 The Excel spread sheet training manual as part of the package of three products:

This training manual explains the use of different types of formulas one can use for different types of calculation projects. For instance, one gets mathematical, statistical and financial calculation formulas, each to achieve correct calculation end results.

We also reveal to our buyers where to get the best free replacement for the expensive MS Office Suite.

Who can benefit by buying and using this software and training manuals?

  • Any Estate Management Team
  • Any member of an Estate Management Team
  • Estate Managing Agents
  • Estate Managers
  • Estate Administrators
  • Estate Property Owners
  • Estate Bookkeepers
  • Estate Financial Accountants
  • Estate Auditors
  • Estate Developers
  • Estate Legal Advisers
  • Building Contractors
  • Estate Agents
  • Pensioners
  • Any person looking for extra income

This software and training manuals make the task so easy, even housewives will be able to complete the task.

Anyone can do it now with this software and training manuals! Use it to do it for your community complex. Use it to do it for other communities and increase your earnings!

The Excel Spreadsheet software model is already populated with the correct formulas for a ten year period – totally automated.

It also means that you must identify the parts, which must be refurbished/replaced and arrange for contractor quotations.

All you have to do is to enter/replace the following with your own:

  1. Maintenance item description (with the help of contractors, if needed).
  2. Unit of measurement (each, m², job, etc.).
  3. Unit price.
  4. Unit quantity for each of the ten years.
  5. Your preferred inflation rate per year.
  6. The ready-made, built-in formulas will take care of the rest of the calculations for the ten year maintenance plan.

Pay only $150.00 (instead of between R 6 000.00 to R 25 000.00,  what others are normally charging, depending on the complex size).

No previous experience or knowledge are needed. Anyone can do it.

Get all three products displayed here below, for a price of $150.00.

Three products in one image

This software will enable you to compile ten year maintenance plans for Estate complexes like a pro, with cost savings for all involved.

Sectional Title Schemes are the fastest growing new residential developments in South Africa, mainly inspired by the high crime rate. 

Owners and residents in these type of estate complexes have to bear the direct and indirect extra cost burden of long-term capital maintenance plans and have to ensure therefore that the ensuing benefits of these long term plans outweigh the cost thereof.

The only way to achieve this, is to become self-reliant in the skills to provide ten year maintenance plans internally, by residents themselves.

This is at the same time a real self-employment opportunity for many citizens all over the country!

Do you perhaps have doubts about any technicalities?

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Pay only $150,00. When you click the buy button, you must see the following at the top when the PayPal page opens:


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In case your Internet Browser does not handle the buy button correctly, try the one below or try another Internet Browser:

The only alternative payment method is to request an invoice for a direct payment into our bank account, with +- 8% discount.

In case you think the price is to steep, consider the following:

  • Compare the price to the cost you are otherwise going to pay to providers of this service.
  • You get the software.
  • You get the training manual for drawing up the ten year maintenance plan.
  • You get the Excel spread sheet training manual.
  • You get a free replacement for the expensive Microsoft Office Suite, as we tell you how and where to get it.
  • The Body Corporate can become internally self-reliant with drawing up ten year maintenance plans and reduce high future provider costs for it to a minimum forever.
  • Just think what profits it can generate for a provider of this type of service.
  • Rendering of this service, may also be “a foot in the door opportunity” to building contractors, for being awarded longer term building maintenance contracts.

This software is universal and can work for any country, with similar requirements of a ten year maintenance plan for residential property complexes/estates, where the user can read and understand the English language!

We can deliver the software and training materials, which are all in digital format, to any buyer email in any country.

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